4 common mistakes when playing golf

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In sports in general and golf in particular, the occurrence of mistakes during play is extremely popular. Here are 4 mistakes that most people make when playing golf.

Golf Shot Errors

When swinging the club, the golfer must rotate to get the force. The golfer makes the Golf Shot Error when the golfer starting downswing and trying to hit as fast as possible. The result is damage the lag because their upper body rotates faster than the lower part. This also creates a direction to go from outside to inside and comes with a club face that takes twice as much energy as usual.

Golf Slices

Slicing is the main reason why your ball line is wrong. The error comes from the clubface more than the stroke direction. Therefore, we first focus on keeping the clubface perpendicular to the ball instead of opening 40 to 80. Because the reason for the slight slice is to open the club face. Keep in mind that the result of a shot with a driver’s club with a 60-sided club will result in a ball flying from 30 to 60 yards.

Poorly Iron Strikes

When the downswing, you often try to speed up the swing which will start rotating the upper body instead of the lower part of the body. This will affect the stroke of the club and the lowest point of the swing. Remember that you need to first polish and create a mark on the back grass when using the iron. When you do a low point of the swing changes too much, the result will be a blow instability, lack of energy and loss of control.

Golf Shanks

Sticking with a stick means you have taken the stick too far. As a result, the stick is involved in the contact of the ball. That shot will give us a very bad result. Brushing the ball with the stick is a vicious cycle. Once you have encountered this error, you will be very stressed and not relaxed when you step into the preparation posture of the next shot. The lower part of your body will stay the same because you are backswing too much with your upper body, which causes your lower body to lose balance.