14 Good Psychological Tips When Playing Golf (part 2)

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1. How to start your first tee box in the best way?

The first tee box can often make golfers nervous, which will certainly affect the swing. The trick is to slow things down: walk slowly, speak slowly, breathe slowly, move slowly, think slowly.

2. How to get Hole in One?

If you want to play hole in one, you have to focus on only one thing: the hole. You have to ignore all other things, such as water traps, sand, trees, wind when standing in front of the ball on the shot on green.

3. Choose sticks

For amateur golfers, the contact with the ball is not good and does not reach the fixed distance as on the training ground is normal. So when choosing a club to be on green, choose bigger than 1 number. For example, with that distance you think you are good enough to hit iron 8 then choose iron 7 to hit. Because if you cut the ball incorrectly, the ball can still be on the green or a bit shorter, but if you play well, the ball is still just over the green and still around the green only.

4. What to do when feeling stressed

When you feel stressed, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, sing softly, or sing in your neck. Can repeat the saying “easy”. Some people may smile, or laugh, think of something funny. Or you can do some movements, such as shaking your hands, relaxing or stretching your legs. Bottom line is what can help you get rid of stress without getting others to notice.

5. Draft and real swing

You can see many beautiful and very good swing golfers, but when playing real, it is completely different. This is because we are affected by the ball. Try the following tips: On the training ground, you plug 2 tee off about 15cm apart. Put the ball on the 2nd tee, tee 1 for no. On the ball, perform a swing on the first tee as if it were a ball. Then immediately hit the ball and hit the second tee with the same swing. When hitting the ball without paying attention to the ball, focus on the tee.