5 Reasons Why People Love Playing Golf

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In a present day, golf attracts more and more participants. Here are some reasons why golf is becoming such a pervasive sport.

1. It is very difficult to predict who will win

In golf, you can win or lose at any time. Therefore, it is very dangerous to predict the result of the golf game. Maybe a golfer stumbled in the last hole and lost everything he thought he would achieve in the previous rounds. This rule happens to all golfers. For example, a golf player thought he would win. However, he lost on Hole 15.

2. Golf is the most unique sport

The style is becoming very important in golf. We can find more and more colors appear on the golf course like the color of clothes, tools, shoes or hats. In particular, brands such as Footjoy and Puma regularly innovate their products with sophisticated and diverse colors. Meanwhile, players are always excited to look forward to new designs from professional designers.

3. Diverse and beautiful golf course

In each country and region, golf courses have different landscapes. You can choose a golf course close to the coast or a hill. Those who like resort style can choose the gold field covered by resorts.

4. Golf is the sport that uses the most tools

A full golf bag has nearly 20 sticks. Golf tools also tell a lot about players. From the color of the costumes, the cover of the club head, the stick bag, the type of club they use shows the character of the player. With so many types and brands of tools today, golf is great for those who love new things and new tools.

5. Golfing time is long

A round of 18 holes usually takes 5 to 6 hours. Therefore, when playing golf with friends, enjoying the smiles of caddies and walking around the golf courses will make a long round of golf more interesting and pleasant.