6 Tips to Help Golfers Beat Hot Weather

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Hot weather will affect the performance of golfers. To reduce heat discomfort, check out the tips below.

Avoid dehydration

Water is very important for the human body under any circumstances. So, don’t start drinking water when your body feels thirsty. To prevent this, golfers can drink water before going to the yard, and take small sips as they pass through each hole.

Do not be enthusiastic about playing on the field before you have had a drink, and then fill your stomach with tons of water. This is not good for health. Also in hot weather, drinking water is better for your health than beer.

Use sunscreen

Some golfers are usually not important in the sun every time they play. This is extremely dangerous because competition often requires the player to be outside for a long time, especially at noon, increasing the risk of damage to the skin. That’s why applying sunscreen is essential because it can help block harmful UV rays. For the best effect, you need to use the cream about 15-20 minutes before the game and apply again when you are fighting if the activity is too long in the sun.

Please wear a hat

Hats are considered to be separate from golfers because they can help protect the face and neck from the sun. Besides, wearing a hat will help players feel more comfortable. A wide-brimmed hat will work, but a cap would suffice to shield your body from the sun and be fashionable.

Avoid heat by all methods

If you feel the weather is too harsh, try to avoid the sun and reduce your body temperature by all means if given the opportunity. For example, a wet towel will bring about the effect of avoiding unexpected heat. Just by wrapping a wet towel in the neck, the player’s body temperature will quickly drop and keep at normal levels.

Choose a reasonable playing time

If possible, avoid days of high temperatures during the day, usually between 12pm and 4pm. Going to the golf course early in the morning often brings many benefits such as pleasant weather, few players and the surface of the course has not been much damaged by the temperature or can hit in the evening at the golf course with night lights.