A guide to Golfing holidays in Europe

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When it comes to combining the joy of fresh air and the outdoors with an appreciation of nature, the challenges of a sport, and the opportunity to socialize and make new friends, Golf is unsurpassed. Golf truly has something for everyone, young and old, whatever your ability level. The truly international nature of the sport means it is appreciated the world over with courses stretching from the jungles of Malaysia to the ice-caked flats of Greenland.

Courses have popped up in such diverse places as war-zones to mountain peaks – The highest currently functioning golf course in the world is located 10,800 ft. above sea level in Bolivia. With such a diversity of locations and courses available a Golfing holiday can be an idea way to take in the world whilst also working on your handicap.

Picking a location

Like with any holiday it is important decide what you want to get out of it. With so many Courses connected to world-class resorts it is easy to be tempted but bear in mind the restrictions this is likely to place on you. How likely are you to wander outside of the resort? Perhaps city centre accommodation would be more to your liking – not being tied to a particular course and a central location means you can more easily sample the variety of courses a location has to offer.

There are many fine cities in America that are perfect for the golf enthusiast, with Dallas-Fort Worth coming out near the top of the pile, but if you would like to go further afield. Why not take to the sports home and sample the beautiful countryside of Scotland? Making Glasgow your base leaves a whole host of public & private courses mere train journeys away with the same to be said for Edinburgh. Prefer somewhere a bit warmer, more continental? Both Madrid and Lisbon would make excellent choices for a golfing-holiday. Staying in city centre accommodation allows you to golf all day and take advantage of the vibrant Spanish and Portuguese nightlife when the sun goes down.

Golfing holiday brokers

No matter where you chose there will be a holiday broker that specializes in golfing breaks to help tailor your adventure to your needs. Browsing the net reveals a whole host of companies waiting to help you. Remember, a bit of research and planning goes a long way – Don’t rush in, keep looking until you find the perfect deal that is exactly to your liking.

Picture by Kzenon – Fotolia