Best Drivers for 2018

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It’s quite clear that manufacturers are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve on your accuracy and distance. For 2018, moveable weights and custom fitting is a common and strong theme. These various adjustabilities can help you to adjust your shot shape, spin, and launch with relative ease.

The most important questions that you need to ask yourself is, do you want more distance? Want to find more fairways? Or transform your slice into a draw? Some drivers will offer you a bit of everything, while others will focus on one of these. The best advice we can give you is to see a pro and decide for yourself. In the meantime, you can look at some of our favourites for 2018 and see if anything stands out.

TaylorMade M3

The twist face from TaylorMade is a brand-new take on driver’s roll and bulge properties, utilising human data to offer straighter drives from miss-hits along with a reduction when it comes to distance loss. The Y Track system also provides greater adjustability, housing two 11g weights that more independently to alter shot shape, spin, and launch.

Callaway Rogue

The Jailbreak bars have been updated, making them thinner and hourglass in shape which is far more efficient when it comes to stabilising the body, allowing the clubface to take more impact for additional ball speed. The clubhead weighting also improves launch, forgiveness, and feel. The driver comes in three versions, including the Draw version designed for slicers, the Sub Zero version with two adjustable weights, and the standard version for maximum forgiveness.

Ping G400 Max

Ping has designed a 460cc version of the popular G400 driver, offering fairway-finding forgiveness. The additional volume essentially increases stability thanks to a heavier tungsten weight situated in the clubhead’s rear. Added cosmetics and a lighter face will also make alignment much easier. You can also find a 440cc driver from Ping which helps with clubhead speed.

Cobra King F8

The new Cobra King F8 comes equipped with a brand-new CNC milled face made from titanium producing more consistent roll and bulge properties for improved accuracy and distance. 360 Aero located on the front part of the crown, along with aerodynamic drag, offers better clubhead speed. There’s also sole weights which greater helps with spin, launch, and shot shape. If you want all-around performance along with draw biased flight, the King F8 from Cobra is the best option for you.

Titleist 917

This incredible driver comes with an improved Radial Speed Face 2.0 and Active Recoil Channel 2.0 as well as SureFit CG which is a weight port situated in the back of the head, allowing the shot shape, spin, launch, and swing weight to be altered even further. It’s positioned at a 20 degree angle to ensure spin levels are kept low during the fade position and also maintains forgiveness. You can also find a larger and more forgiving D2 version as well as a smaller D3 version providing lower flight and a lower spin.