Discover 10 of America’s largest golf courses

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Cypress Point Golf – located on Monterey Peninsula, on the foot of the mountain of Santa Lucia Mountains, this is in most of the lists are one of the top 5 courses in the world. Attractive masterpiece with unique architectural landscape, once considered the Sistine Chapel of former Sandy Tatum USGA president.

Pine Valley Golf Course – located in Clementon, New Jersey, this course is often listed as the second in the world. Built by the Philadelphian Hotel, George Crump in 1919, it is known to be an extremely challenging course, even for the top players of the game. With spectacular scenery, it is equated with impressive landmarks like Versailles or Fontainebleau.

Augusta National Golf Course – located in Augusta, Georgia, one of these is known as the Masters Arena. This is one of the most exclusive clubs worldwide and has succeeded thanks to Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie. There is a discussion about extending the fifth famous denomination 13.

Shinnecock Hill Golf Course – located in the majestic hills of Southampton, New York, its wavy terrain, and thick reed-like lawns with horizontal lines make it one of the most competitive airports on world. Known as one of the first links in the US, it has been renovated a few times, but is still known for its historical feel. It will store both 2018 and 2026 US open.

Merion Golf – Merion (East), located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, is considered to be the best course in the narrowest area in the country. Rotated golf courses, and its OB lines are part of the impressive design and complex complexes. Many people have claimed that its last five holes are the best in the game.
Pebble Beach Golf – Pebble Beach Golf Links is an impressive and vast meeting of land and sea on Pacific surf. Located in Pebble Beach, California, it was a favorite of Jack Nicklaus, who said, “If I only have one round to play, I would choose to play [here].” Its successor 14 challenges Green Th.

Crystal Downs Golf – comfortably protected between Lake Michigan and Crystal Lake in Frankfort, Michigan, was designed by Alister MacKenzie, who seemed to be on his way back to England when he was talking on a trip. The course is set on an impressive 100-foot sand dune, and has winding with green grass courts.

Fishers Island golf course – this New York club is located on a small, romantic island. Founded in 1927 by Seth Raynor, its greenery is protected by silos, and there is also a brutal thorn. It is not the easiest way on this list, but it is something worth doing.

Chicago Golf Club – Chicago Golf Club is considered the first 18-hole golf course in the United States. Located in Wheaton, Illinois, this is one of the country’s only golf courses. It was founded in 1892, and was designed by the most famous golf course architecture in history, Charles Blair Macdonald. It was also the first club outside the Northeast to host the US Open, and the first club had a grassy field.

The Golf Course in Riviera – located in the famous Palisades Pacific Palisades of California, is home to many famous golfers, this is not surprising considering its location. Stars like Dean Martin and Gregory Peck are known to be golf courses there. It is also known for its second space architecture, and its lack of weaknesses, especially considering it as challenging terrain.