Donald Trump: The Best US President in Golf

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According to Golf Digest magazine, Donald Trump achieved the Handicap index of 2.8.

There are 16 out of 19 closest US presidents who are passionate and often play golf. Donald Trump, with Handicap Index 2.8 and has 19 championships in clubs, is rated the best golfers among the top US leaders.

Trump is the owner of 17 golf courses around the world. Many of them are chosen to host events of PGA Tour and LPGA. Despite the age of 72, the US real estate magnate still possesses a strong swing as much as the young golfers.

Trump regularly communicates golf with heads of state, businessmen, golf legends or leading contemporary golfers. He even published a 320-page golf book, which included advice from many celebrities he had played with.

Since taking over the White House in January 2017, according to the Washington Post, President Trump has played more than 150 times, with a play fee after adding taxes of more than $ 10 million. Most of his golfing sessions are for work. Good at playing golf, but Mr. Trump also repeatedly complained about some unprofessional actions, such as riding a green train or “cheating” the ball position.

Ranked second on the list is John F. Kennedy. At the time, he did not spend too much time on the golf course but often hit 80 strokes each round. This number, according to many contemporaries, may be much lower if the 35th President of the United States does not suffer from chronic back pain.

Dwight Eisenhower is third – President is judged to be addicted to golf by playing 800 rounds in his post. He has a set green designed outside the Oval Office. Eisenhower is also a member of the prestigious Augusta National golf club.

Gerald Ford also often has a number of strokes per round around 80. He used to hit the ball in an audience with a large following. Although the form is not good, efficiency still helps Ford to rank fourth in the list of best US Presidents.

Subsequent positions went to Frank D. Roosevelt, father and son of President Bush and Bill Clinton. Of these, George W. Bush (father) is recorded to have a handicap index of less than 10, and his son, George H.W. Bush once achieved 11.