Donald Trump’s Room-sized Golf Simulator

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US President Donald Trump spent $ 50,000 to install a new room-sized golf simulator in the White House. This helps him both work and play sports.

Like former President Barack Obama, Mr. Donald Trump loves sports especially football and golf. Because he was unable to play rugby-like sports, he spent his free time playing golf. Known as a golf enthusiast, billionaire Donald Trump is the owner of many famous golf clubs in and outside the United States long before he stepped into the White House.

Because the work is so busy, the most powerful man in the United States does not always have time for his favorite sport. Therefore, US President Donald Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator in the White House. This information was posted by Washington Post.

The system costs about $ 50,000 and is more modern than the previous version used by former President Barack Obama. The simulator allows Mr. Trump to play on golf courses all over the world right at the White House. This system is very simple. Players only need to hit the ball in the screen to appear in front of everything that happens as if it were real.

Before installing the modern golf system, the US president had to take a 69-day course in Florida under the guidance of legendary golfers Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

Donald Trump used to say that he would work hard all the time for the U.S and he would not have time to play golf during the 2016 campaign in Virginia state. However, according to The Post, Donald Trump played about 139 times golf as President at 16 golf courses he owns in the US and abroad. However, most of those golf games were done on weekends. It is worth mentioning that he himself used to criticize Barack Obama for playing golf right at work before.