Dress Code and Behavior in Golf

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Golf is considered a sport of elegance by players who adhere to the rules of dress and ritual standards on the court. Applying the rules below, you will become a professional golfer in this sport.
Costumes are important for you to express yourself, your personality and your respect for golf. Choosing the right outfit is essential during the game as well as practice. The first offense is a fine. If you continue to commit the second offense, you will be disqualified.


In any case, golfers are required to wear neckwear. They may be short sleeves or long sleeves but must have neck. Modern antique t-shirts are also accepted. However, triple jackets are not used for both men and women.

Men should wear khaki trousers or shorts. Trousers such as trousers, sleepers or trousers are not accepted on the court. Meanwhile, women can wear skirts but should not be too short.

Shoes and hats
Shoes are considered an important part of golf. Golfers should wear rubber or hard plastic nails rather than traditional metal. In addition, some sports shoes may also be acceptable. Sandals, flip flops or boots are not allowed on the game field. Hats and baseball caps are always accepted in golf courses. Their main function is to help protect the player from the sun.

Before you start playing golf:

Try to come early enough to get the right startup time

– Start with short, medium and long irons, then wood sticks

End the warm-up time with a few weddings before heading out to the green to practice a few putts.

– Do not hit hundreds of balls and leave on the tee area

– Check the scorecard to find out the local laws

– These local laws only apply to the golf course you are playing

– Mark your identity for the ball and inform the player of the type and number of balls you are playing

Ensure the correct speed of the match:

– When your team does not keep up the pace of the team ahead:

+) Walk at a reasonable speed between shots

+) Calculates the next hit like studying the speed and direction of the wind while you are walking to the ball

– When you get the ball, check the situation and pick the club, visualize the swing and shot and then perform the stroke.

– The time between picking the stick until it actually hits the shot should be 30 to 45 seconds

– If you are not ready to play when it is your turn, encourage one of the players in the party to do so

Golf course protection:

– Refill the divots

– Ground is often dug up when hit, making it difficult to fill the divots. In this case, you have two choices:

+) Fill the divots with soil mix, seeds

+) Use the nose to kick the divot corners to patch

Bring the sandbox into the bunker, always into the bunker from the lower side of the bunker, which is closest to the ball.

+) Always try to avoid walking on the sloping side of the bunker

+) After polishing, scratch the sand where you hit, the footprint and the area is not flat around

+) Sand gravel should be left inside or close to that bunker

– Edges that cause the ball to hit the green

– Note that while golfing rules allow you to correct the damage caused by the ball on the ball putt, you can not repair the damage caused by shoe studs left on your ball putt until you have finished putt

On the green, remember:

– Never step on another player’s line.

– If the ball is lying on another player’s ball putt, take the ball to the ball

– If your ball is not far from the hole:

+) Mark the ball with a plastic or small marker that is as thin as the old peni coin

+) After marking his ball, place the putt under the green side at a 90 degree angle with the heel stick touches the ball.

+) Move the ball marker from the heel to the end of the putter. Do the opposite procedure to return the ball back to the original position after the other player has taken the shot

– Avoid standing in a position that affects the player and try to stand still without moving when another golfer is wiped.

– No noise when the player is preparing to putt the ball

– If there is no caddy (tool holder and picker for the player) and you are asked to place a flag, do not stand on the line of anyone.

Hold the flag at a height so that the flag does not vibrate in the wind and do not leave your shade on the golf ball or putt ball. Pick up the flag handle from the bottom so that it does not get caught up and pull the flag straight after the other player has putt. The flag must be withdrawn immediately after the player has hit the ball.

– After everyone has putt (hit the ball in the hole), immediately walk to the tee point.

Serious offenses outside of the playing field may also result in the removal or suspensions of play, swearing, sabotage, or harm to the hotel or place of stay in the country of entry competition.