Golf Club Swing Speed and Driver Distance Calculation

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Golf club stiffness is an important factor that should be considered in choosing a golf club. In order to determine the appropriate hardness, new players need to track the distance of the shot or determine the swing speed (if possible).

Measure swing speed: Most newbies have low swing speed which ranges from 100 to 120 kilometers per hour. These people will fit with soft Flex sticks. Currently at golf shops with electronic measuring equipment to determine the correct swing speed of the player, thereby advising the appropriate flex club. However, you can also provide the basic information you need for advice on choosing the correct club.

Track your Driver distance: When using the Driver, you should track the average stroke distance to determine the specific Flex. Pay attention to the following factors:

  • Under 180 yards (165 meters), use flex L
  • In the range of 181 to 200 yards (166 to 183 meters), use flex A
  • From 200 to 235 yards (183 to 215 meters), use Flex R
  • In the range of 236 to 275 yards (216 to 251 meters), use flex S
  • More than 275 yards (251 meters), use flex X.

If unable to determine for yourself, it would be better if you consult the experts. A consultant working at golf shops is equivalent to a personal trainer. However, new players almost make the mistake of not consulting them.

The new golfers often consult with friends and acquaintances, then order online. How can they identify your parameters and give you helpful advice? This leads to the purchase of golf clubs that cannot be used. Extremely wasteful. It is helpful to have an expert to help you learn and choose the right set of clubs. It is difficult for people who are not consultants to know your health status and swing speed suitable for the club.