Golf in the Czech Republic

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Golf has been played in the Czech Republic since the turn of the last century and has, in recent years at least, established itself as one of Europe’s most sought after golfing destinations.

The Early Years

The first two golf courses in the Czech Republic were constructed over one hundred years ago in 1904 and 1905. The first was at Karlovy Vary, and this was quickly followed by one at Mariánské Lásně. The latter was a nine-hole course. They attracted mostly players from outside the country, and it was only prior to World War I that the game started to become attractive to the native population. This was due in no small part to the Ringhoffer family, who turned part of their land into a golf course. Situated near the village of Volesovice, it later became better known as the Ringhoffer Volesovice Golf Club.

The Golfing Establishment

The Prague Golf Club was established in 1926 and, the following year, they inaugurated their first course in Prague at a place called Motol. The course rapidly became the focal point for Czech golfing tournaments, the first one taking place in 1927. However, in 1934, the championship was cancelled due to the poor state of the course. The Lisnice Golf club was established in 1928. In 1931, the Prague Golf Club and the Lisnice Golf Club amalgamated with the Slovakian Piesťany Golf Club, resulting in the Golf Association of the Czechoslovak Republic. This was split into the Czech Golf Federation and the Slovak Golf Union in 1993 when Czechoslovakia was divided into two separate countries.

Golf Today

The Czech Republic now boasts almost one hundred top-class golf courses throughout the country, ranging from nine holes upwards. The biggest, at the Golf Resort Konopiste, offers players the choice between two eighteen-hole courses and a nine-hole course. All the courses are in magnificent condition and set amongst beautiful countryside.

Golf in the Czech Republic has really grown in stature and its courses compare favourably to those found elsewhere. It is possible to play all year round, though the summer sees the courses becoming rather overcrowded. The best weather for golf usually occurs from April to June and from September to October, although a good round or two can be had in March and November when it is also cheaper.