Hard Shots in Golf and How to Handle (part 1)

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Golf is really not that simple. Newbie, amateur, or even the pro tour can not avoid the difficult situations that occur in a round. So what are the fights that make golfers most afraid of going on the pitch?

Goal kick at the first tee

No matter how well prepared or mentally prepared you are, you cannot be sure whether your game day will go well until the tee shot on the first tee is completed. This is considered an important first step for the whole day of the competition. Will you be calm enough to hit a strong and standard shot in a relaxed position or will it be a lack of strength and anxiety? Regardless of the challenge of the course and the size of the tournament, the shot at the first tee is always a psychological barrier that every golfer wants to overcome successfully.

A 40-yard shot out of bunkers

The 40-yard bunker situation is considered by most golfers to be one of the hardest shots in golf. Facing this shot in a round, you will feel like you are experiencing the thriller called The Shining. This is a shot that always worries golfers because it requires absolute accuracy, so it needs to be calculated carefully before making. The goal is to try to hit the ball neatly and as little sand as possible so that the shot reaches the desired distance. The most effective and simplest way to make this shot a success is to use a 9 iron or pitching wedge and use conventional sanding techniques.

Tight lie

In golf, tight cork is a situation that golfers face when the ball is hit to a position with very little grass under the ball (short grass, sparse, or even not there), or the area has a ball base The soil is firm and hard. When the ball is hit in these areas, golfers often feel scared because it is difficult to make the ball chip later. Most likely they will encounter a thin shot, which is to hit the top of the ball or the ball head making the balloon low and short. With the fear of encountering this ball tip chip, the golfers, whether conscious or unconscious, also try to save the ball to fly high by throwing the ball up with the iron, not hitting the ball down. And this is the best way for chips to be ball in this situation.