Health Benefits of a Golf Session Is More Than a Week of Exercise

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To complete a standard round, golfers will have to walk an average of 6 to 12km, which requires 11,245 to 16,667 steps and burns 1,564 calories. Hiking is a form of heavy exercise. However, when playing golf we will not realize that we can do that much.

Macmillan Cancer Support, the UK’s leading provider of cancer care, has encouraged people to participate in golf. The organization says golf offers many unexpected health benefits. Even completing a round of golf can be good for your health as well as exercising for 1 week.

A standard round of golf courses has an average length of 6 to 12 km. Therefore, a golfer will have to perform 11,245 to 16,667 steps to complete. This activity will burn about 1,564 calories when you bring clubs and golf equipment when walking.

Of course, this number only makes sense when you walk without using a buggy. This sport also has an advantage in that players do not need to put too much energy to exercise vigorously. As the pace of a round of golf is not so fast, it is suitable for people of all ages.

Health experts recommend that every adult need at least 150 minutes of activity each week to protect their health. Meanwhile, the time to complete an average round of golf courses is about 240 minutes of continuous movement with moderate intensity. Thus, golf enthusiasts can meet the level of physical activity to ensure health without spending too much energy as when playing other strong sports.

Macmillan Cancer Support’s marketing director, Elizabeth Connare, said each golfer could move up to 10,000 steps and burn more than 1,500 calories a day. This sport is so light and relaxed so we don’t realize how much we walked. Macmillan still reminds those who are preparing to participate in the organization’s Longest Day Golf Challenge that golf is a fun activity, increased social interaction and a great way to exercise.