Les Pins Golf Course

6421 yards 5871m Par 72

Hardelot Les Pins Golf course was first built in 1905 by Tom Simpson. The course was extensively redesigned in 1931 by the famous architect Tom Simpson. To date it still bear witness to the classical era of British Golf architecture. Laid out in a beautiful forest it epitomizes a style which has been gratefully inherited by several generations of golfers

Hardelot Golf Club has an extraordinary layout as the Golf courses are located at different sides of the town. Separated by only 1km both are very accessible from the town centre

The warm and friendly club house where one can re-count the best shots of the day over a drink on the balcony or by the welcoming fire place or whilst savoring a meal in the relaxing restaurant

Hardelot earned its name as a holiday destination in the early years of the 20th century, during the Entente Cordiale, when aristocratic and other distinguished British and French visitors would meet there. Nowadays, nearly built motorways and the Channel Tunnel have substantially reduced travel time to this Pas de Calais resort which, along with the neighboring town of Le Touquet, has remained a premier sports and relaxation venue

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