Master the rules of dress on golf

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Golf is a particularly interesting sport but no less challenging. Considered a noble sport with a history of hundreds of years, currently, this game has developed quite strongly in many countries around the world.

Many historians argue that the Dutch Kelven region is the first place to play golf sports. And from Kolf (Dutch) is the origin of golf now. The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith (1744) is considered the first golf club to appear in the world. However, there are also controversies that Scotland is the home of golf and here, in the first half of the 15th century, golf was the sport enlightened by elite gentlemen.

Currently, the golf movement is developing strongly all over the world. However, not all golfers master the rules of dress on golf. Find out about these issues in more detail.
Dress code

About 25-30 years ago, the costumes for golfers were no different than the usual costumes. Legendary golfers like Nicolas Jack Roeg, Ben Hogan, Tommy Armor, Arnold Daniel Palmer appeared on golf courses in polo shirts and cotton apparel, sometimes sweaters. But over the past few decades, costumes for golf believers have made breakthrough changes.

Usually, a golfer spends 3-5 hours on the golf course. Therefore, he may face the change in weather: temperature, humidity, wind direction, sunshine … Modern costumes for golfers are often sewn with fabric materials. specialized sports, sometimes called technical fabric. In many cases, it is synthetic fabric made of polyamide (PA) or polyester (PE), sometimes in the composition of the fabric, including natural fibers, such as cotton. Synthetic fabrics often have superior features compared to natural fabrics due to their hygroscopic, lighter weight, less need to take care of hygiene and more durability.


Golf jerseys are an important part of golfers’ outfits. The first thing you need to keep in mind is comfort, not fashion. If you combine these two elements, it is the best, but if not, you should prioritize the previous comfort, the following fashion.

The next important thing is the shirt material. If the weather is hot, you should choose a light, cool and dark fabric. If you plan to play golf when the temperature is colder, choose a thicker and brighter shirt.

Although most golf shirts are short-sleeved, you can still find a variety of long-sleeved shirts in sports shops. Women should also wear T-shirts with neck, but the collar should not be cut too late.

In cold weather, golfers are allowed to wear sweats or windbreaker outside t-shirts. If you wear a round neck sweater outside the sports T-shirt, make sure the collar area is not crooked.

Golf pants are usually khaki or shorts. Both types of pants should have “waist leeches”. You should pay attention to the following factors:

Both men and women are allowed to wear shorts. There are no socks rules when playing golf, but colors should match the pants. With shorts, you have to be very careful, because if it’s too long, your shorts will look sloppy, if your pants are too short, even tight like a bike’s pants, you will look dull. Box shorts can be acceptable, but many golf courses do not allow you to wear these pants when you go to the yard.

If you wear brightly colored pants, you should choose a simple shirt. On the other hand, if you wear brightly colored shirts, you should choose simple pants, unless you purposely want to be a fairway “chameleon”.

Women can choose skirts but should not be too short.

Belts and hats

Bright-colored belts are an ideal option.

Be aware of the fit between your belt and shoes.

If your waist is less than 87cm, you can use a white belt.

The sharp contrast between dark and light-colored pants will create slenderness, but not for everyone.


If averaging, every golf player needs to move from 8-9 km, during a season, golfers will have to perform no less than 50 rounds, equivalent to 450 km! Therefore, golf shoes must be very durable and convenient to move, able to withstand all weather conditions. Pay attention to the following factors:

Usually white socks are suitable for all types of shoes and shoes, but black socks will also help create a strong impression. If you wear long pants, keep in mind the color. They must match the pants. If you wear shorts, you should wear all colors with white sports shoes: black socks with black shoes, but should use short socks too ankle. Black and white socks look silly, but if you combine black shoes with shorts, that’s the ideal choice.