Olivia Prokopova – A Legend in Mini Golf

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Unlike the super sports of the rich and the professional athletes make millions of dollars each year, mini golf, with the same rules of golf, but playing only in the small yard, the only technique put The champions of mini golf are also extremely casual.
Olivia Prokopova looked slightly rounded, with a full moon face and baggy shorts on the mini golf course. But in his own world, Prokopova is a legend. She does not look like Michelle Wie, Maria Verchenova or Blair O’Neal.

Symptoms from Czech

“Olivia? She is not afraid of anything, “said Rick Alessi, a 57-year-old mini-golfer from Erie, Pennsylvania, who took Prokopova’s lead at the 2014 US Open. Prokopova is very ordinary, apart from winning all three of the world’s best mini-golf tournaments this past year, the US Open, Master’s and World Championships, a legendary feat (but do not be sad If you have never heard of both the league and the champion.

In a sport where major players are either middle-aged or young, Prokopova is a phenomenon. At age 20, “she is an absolute champion,” said John Forbes, director of the Bluegrass Mini Course, the venue for the biggest award in the sport.
Understandably little is known about the mini golfers, including the greatest champions, but Prokopova is a celebrity in her native Czech Republic, the subject of a book and a set documentary. She also has sponsors who are big business, have their own website and own lightweight jacket line.

With the prize in the largest prize is only reached a few thousand dollars is the same, no one is rich by the mini golf. But with Prokopova, it’s a profession. She practices 8 to 12 hours a day, except on Wednesdays, when she goes to school from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Saving version of golf

Throughout the world (even in video games), mini golf is often seen as a play-only game after having been drunk or do not know what to do, so it’s no surprise when “competing at a world-class level “Turned out to be nothing formidable. Actually, to become a professional mini golf player, all you need to do is join the American Mini Golf Association, for $ 25, without any additional requirements. And just pay a $ 100 fee to be able to attend the US Open.

About half of the “golfers” competing in the US Open, according to Newman, are amateur golfers living near the golf course in New Jersey. Some bluegrass employees can also try. “Chris, who is currently in charge of the pitch, hit 35, and the pitch was 40,” Newman said, pointing to a young man using a leaf scanner on the field.
But mini golf is trying to change. Starting from the yard, more beautiful, more challenging, and more professional look. Professional hands can put the ball into the hole after 1-2 sticks and now have to calculate more carefully. Prokopova is very good at that. “She’s not really talented, she just does a lot more than anyone,” said Bob Detwiler, president of the American Mini Golf Association. However, Lebo thinks otherwise: “There is always a lot of information to deal with, and Olivia’s effort is great. She sometimes arrives before 7 weeks to get used to the pitch, which gives her a great advantage. ”

Even mini golfers find that style is extreme. “It’s amazing that there are people who take it seriously,” Forbes said. Also curious, mini golf is not something special in the Czech Republic, according to Prokopova. Nevertheless, her constant triumphs on the international scene have made Prokopova a true national star. “She was on television, in the newspaper. Twice met the Czech president, with 17,000 people cheering her on a large square. ”