Striptease Club Golf Tournament at President Trump’s Golf Course Was Suddenly Canceled

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According to the July 10 announcement of Shadow Cabaret – a Miami strip club, tournament at Trump National Doral Golf in Florida to raise funds for local charities where players have the right to “female caddy options” has been canceled.

The decision to cancel did not specify the reason, but President Trump has been in constant trouble with national sports teams. At the latest, American women football team have refused to visit the White House to be honored at the invitation of President Trump after crowned the women’s soccer World Cup 2019.

AFP quoted content posted on the Facebook page of Shadow Cabaret Club, said that due to problems related to golf, Shadow Cabaret decided to cancel the event. They apologize to everyone who feels offended by this tournament.

Club Shadow Cabaret’s website once called this tournament “The sexiest charity event of 2019 in Miami”. Meanwhile, the golf ball on the brochure introduces the event with a kiss with a hot pink lipstick, and in the lower right corner of the leaflet there is the badge of President Trump’s family.

According to the leaflet content, the charity event started with the activity of “meeting your female caddy” on July 12, followed by the tournament and “gala show” on July 13. According to the Washington Post, The Trump Organization and The Miami Allstars Foundation – a basketball-related nonprofit organization that will receive donations from the event – also posted a notice about cancellation of the golf tournament.

Also according to the Washington Post, the July 10 issue, Carlos Alamilla – Miami Allstars director, did not pay much attention to the planning of the event and only saw the flyer when the reporter called him. After watching the flyer, Mr. Alamilla called the club and announced that they would not participate and he thought the event should be canceled.