The Best Golf Irons for 2018

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The best golf irons can assist you in achieving the best golf experience. While driving and putting might see the majority of interest by manufacturers and individual golfers, irons are undoubtedly the most important clubs in any golfer’s bag. There is a wide range of aspects you need to consider when choosing the right iron as well.

From flexibility of the shaft to choosing between graphite or steel. We looked at every aspect when we compiled our list of the best irons for 2018. Let’s take a look t some of the best options if you are interested in getting yourself a new set of irons when you play your next 18.

Mizuno JPX-900

Mizuno is renowned for producing high-quality irons, and this forged iron JPX-900 set is no different. They are suitable for a wide variety of golfers as the steel has been reinforced with boron, providing a stronger design that offers faster hits. The face of the irons utilises a unique metal composition along with a reshaped pocket cavity situated on the head which will help redistribute weight for maximum power.

Callaway Rogue X

This is the perfect set of irons for beginners due to the fact that they are very forgiving. The irons are available in stiff, regular, and seniors and will allow beginners to enjoy high-quality clubs that won’t punish them when they have an errant swing. These irons pull the centre of gravity lower which makes the club lighter and the shaft longer. Each iron from the Rogue X series is made from Tungsten which also provides better control with every swing.

Callaway Big Bertha OS

These irons have been specifically designed for distance and control. These clubs are available in regular and stiff flex as well as steel or graphite shafts. What makes these clubs so impressive is that they can move the ball faster and allow them to go further than any other club on our list. You will also notice that the higher irons offer better distance, while the short irons provide much better control.

Wilson Velocity HDX

These are the most ideal clubs for those looking for an inexpensive but fantastic golfing experience without having the break the bank. These steel, stiff clubs are specifically designed for golfers that have some experience in the sport. They also provide an extremely low centre of gravity and thanks to its simple head design, easily sweeps through the grass as it connects your ball.

Wilson Staff C300

If you are searching for irons that provide the most distance, you cannot go wrong with the Staff C300 from Wilson. These irons come equipped with an extremely strong design and can be purchased as regular or stiff as well as the option between graphite or steel shafts. These clubs are specifically designed with power in mind, and the added sweet spot will ensure your ball speed is faster than ever before. With added power from the shaft and greater ball speed from the head, you will undoubtedly hit the ball further every time.