The best portable golf products useful for walking the course (Part 1)

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In 2020, the best way to upgrade your golfing is to downsize. Players all around the world are walking, not by choice but a necessity since social distancing rules have given rise to a new legion of pushcart golfers and have left carts in the barn.

While walking may be good for your health, you would be even wiser to concentrate on shedding a different kind of poundage: your bags. Don’t worry as you won’t have to sacrifice any luxury from your motorized cart days. Here are the best portable golf products for your game.

Mini Portable Speaker

Price: $35-100

If you love to listen to music during your round, a mini portable speaker is a perfect complement for your bag. They are small enough to fit in your pocket but aren’t so loud as to distract the other players around you. At $80, the Bose Soundlink micro-speaker is a good option. Clip it to your bag and you are good for up to about six hours of battery life, with a waterproof feature in order to keep you jamming even if the spring showers roll in.

Golf Socks

Price: $5-20

Certainly, you don’t need new socks. But there is a solemn fact that is true of every golfer, regardless of ability: you are a blister away from a ruined round.

We might have made the mistake of thinking that we would survive well with old shoes or tattered socks, and we all have paid the price. However, instead of driving back to the pro shop, now you can limp back to the car with your bag on your back.

Portable Tumbler

Price: $20-40

Although now the beverage cart is closed, you don’t have to stop imbibing during your round and you have just got to get creative. For $30, you can keep 30 ounces of a cocktail cold in a Yeti Rambler.

Now is the time to buy-in on the time-honored tradition of pre-gaming. Before heading out to the course, fix yourself something strong and tall in one of these bad boys. Then pop the lid and enjoy the walk.