The best portable golf products useful for walking the course (Part 2)

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Reusable Water Bottle

Price: $10-30

When it comes to cold beverages, it is probably a really good idea to pack something to keep yourself always hydrated, and what is a better way to do so than with a brand new Hydro Flask water bottle? Try slapping a few stickers from your favorite golf conquests on the outside of the bottle and toss in the side of your bag. A few holes in the heat later, you will be happy that you did.

Folding Chair

Price: $20-60

Walking doesn’t have to equate to standing. From a simple, three-legged portable chair to an attachment for your push cart, this lightweight addition is the safest as well as the best way to keep yourself rested at the same time you are out on the course. For those with achy knees, you can thank us later.

Range Finder

Price: $100-550

If you have been reliant upon your golf cart’s GPS for distances, it is time right now to upgrade. For about only $150, you can land TecTecTec’s fantastic point-and-shoot VPRO500 laser. For distances refined down to the decimal, not to mention features such as slope compensation and vibration when a flag is detected, tap into the Tour V5 of Bushnell.

Divot Repair Bottle

Price: Free

Do this one by yourself at home. Pop into your garage with an empty Gatorade or water bottle and topsoil, grab sand, and grass seed. Then, mix the three ingredients together in the empty bottle, and voila. You will have enough divot repair mix for at least your next round, if not longer. If that sounds beneath you, remember that if you care about golf, you care about golf maintenance, and if you care about golf maintenance, you will fill your divots.