The Six Most Prestigious Professional Golf Tournaments on the Planet

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Whenever there is a debate about which are the most prestigious professional golf tournaments on the planet, there is always a personal bias towards which competitions are enjoyed most. Luckily, the same 6 golf tournaments are listed as being the greatest. Here are them.

The US Open

This group golfing is open to the best golfers on the US circuit and past winners. It is played at various great golf courses around the US.

Starts since 1895, the course selected is one of the most difficult in the US.

The British Open (Open Championship)

Great Britain invented the game and improved it to the first official set of rules that could be applied anywhere. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews manages this prestigious golf tournament taking place on a links course in one of nine different locations around the UK.

The Masters Tournament

Since 1934, this invitational golf tournament has always been played at the Augusta National Golf Club. It invites the world’s best golfers and the prize money reflects the importance of the April golf tournament.

The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship has been held on the third weekend before Labor weekend since 1916. This tournament is hosted by the Professional Golfer’s Association. It is played at different locations around the US by the world’s best golf players and the top performers from the PGA. The winners of this tournament can qualify for the PGA for life and are automatically allowed to play in the other top three men’s competitions for the next five years.

The US Women’s Open

Played since 1946, this tournament has become almost as popular as the men’s best competitions. High quality female golfers compete in great courses around the US.

The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a battle between the US and Europe (commonly only the UK), where just a few golfers qualify to play in singles and doubles for the bi-annually awarded trophy. It has become the event that golf players attempt to help their team win with the highest national pride.