The Top European Golfers of All Time

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It’s no surprise that most golfing fans are on the Rory Mcllroy bandwagon at the moment, and for good reason too. He is extremely talented and has recently proven his worth in one of the most difficult challenges in the world. However, before we become consumed by this incredible golfer, let’s get some perspective. Let’s take a look at the best players in the European Tour and see where Rory Mcllroy falls on our list.

Darren Clarke

With 21 professional titles and 13 European Tour victories around the world, Darren Clarke is one of a handful of golfers that can claim a win over Tiger Woods during his prime. Clarke has managed to make a total of 5 Ryder Cup appearances and is usually with partner Lee Westwood.

Mark James

With a total of 29 wins, of which 18 are European Tour victories, Mark James played as an amateur at the Walker Cup. James managed to appear in a total of 7 Ryder Cup teams and in 1999 was captain at Brookline.

Sam Torrance

Boasting with a total of 21 European Tour victories, Sam Torrance was awarded both the OBE and MBE. He appeared on a total of 8 Ryder teams and was captain in 2002. He has a total of 49 professional victories worldwide.

Lee Westwood

Achieving the number 1 position in the world in 2010, Lee Westwood managed to end the Tiger Woods reign as the top golfer in the world. He was also the first British golfer to r3each number 1 since Nick Faldo in 1994. Westwood has a total of 21 European Tour victories and impresses with 35 professional titles overall, appearing in 7 Ryder Cup teams. He was also awarded the prestigious OBE.

Colin Montgomerie

Winning 7 straight Oder of Merits with 8 overall, Ryder Cup steward, an OBE, 31 European Tour victories and a total of 40 professional victories worldwide, Montgomerie would be ranked much higher if he managed to claim major titles.

Rory Mcllroy

As the most recent European to claim the US Open major championship, Mcllroy also has 2 European victories along with one PGA Tour victory. The most important tournaments obviously count the most and therefore we ranked Mcllroy higher than Montgomerie and Westwood.

James Braid

He managed to win a total of 5 Open Championships. His victory in 1906 was the last back-to-back victory by a European until it was achieved by Padraig Harrington. He also designed several golf courses, such as the Queen’s Course and the King’s Course at Gleneagles.

Nick Faldo

With 30 European Tour victories, 6 major championships, 25 Ryder Cup points, 9 PGA Tour titles, 46 Ryder Cup matches, and an MBE, Nick Faldo is considered one of the best Europe has to offer. He is certainly the best in the modern era.

Harry Vardon

Winning the Open Championship a total of 6 times, Vardon also managed to win the U.S Open for 7 majors. He was an absolute superstar during his time, winning a total of 62 golf tournaments in his career.