Tiger Woods rebirths to continue achieving the highest peak in golf

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Famous American golfer Tiger Woods has proven he can return to the top after years of living in hell.

Tiger Woods was a child star, an old-fashioned idol and then a famous legend in the golf world but sinking into his own black mud hole in 2009.

Woods’ life was saved from his own efforts, and support from those who still quietly supported him. Now, he is getting stronger and stronger as a super tiger reborn to continue the path to conquer the peak in the world golf village.

Tiger Woods the way to become legendary

Tiger Woods played the first PGA tournament at the age of 16. Since the time of amateur competition, he has built an impressive career and has participated in the first major in his career – Masters 1995 when he was 20 years old.

During the peak period of 1997 – 2009, Woods won 14 major, 71 PGA tournaments and made 225 of the 230 ball passes. With the Masters 2001 championship, Woods has collected a round of four most prestigious golf titles and this achievement is called the “Tiger Slam”.

In 2006, Woods was the highest paid athlete in the world when he won over $ 100 million from championships and numerous advertising contracts. According to Forbes magazine in 2009, Woods became the first billionaire of world sports to reach a $ 1 billion asset mark.

During that time, he always kept the image of the true sportsman, exemplary in the eyes of thousands of fans and considered the living legend of the golf village.

All the animals he built should have collapsed on the thanksgiving holiday in 2009. Specifically, after being taken away by his wife – former Swedish model Elin Nordegren – to act out of love with Vegas hostess Rachel Uchitel, Woods was Drive alone out of the house at night and have an accident.

Although only suffered damage to the car, the image of a true golf player from Tiger Woods’ former fans began to crack. A series of advertising and sponsorship contracts, such as Gatorade’s drinking company or the tall bearded brand Gillette, ended his co-operation with fear of negative effects from golfer’s private scandal.

After that, the American golfer admitted his wrongdoing, and gave a public apology for cheating on his wife and announcing the suspension of his career with a club for a long time.

Tiger Woods “reborn”
In mid-March 2010, and after four months of retiring his golf course, Woods announced he would be back on track at Augusta National despite no longer receiving much support from fans.

Not reaching the peak like 1996, but the return of American golfers is considered slow and stable.

And just a month later, in the first official tournament after nearly 5 months, Woods officially started with 68 sticks at the Masters. Although the results were not as expected, he did not because of public pressure but gave up his burning passion.

This comeback impacts fans, amateur golfers, but also inspires Woods’ own opponents. One study showed that in participating Woods tournaments, other golfers were more determined when he was absent.

Light rays in 2018 when prizes from performing to official tournaments in the PGA Tour system and major tournaments like Masters and US Open … showed a new and vibrant Woods. In the above tournaments, Woods did not perform as well as before, but with acceptable rankings, the golfer has gradually returned spectacularly.

Before winning the Tour Championship to win the championship on September 23, Woods became re-ranked 20 in the world according to the latest PGA Tour rankings released. This is also the first title that Woods has won since winning the WGC in August 2013.