Top 5 Most Distinctive Golf Courses in The World

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Golf courses are often built in large, comfortable areas and have pleasant weather for golfers to play in the best conditions. However, 5 golf listed below are completely different.

1. Merapi: The hottest golf course

Located next to Mount Merapi volcano in Indonesia, Merapi golf course will let you feel the vibrations from lava flows deep in the ground. Because this mountain is still active, the scenery there will have beautiful smoke and ash clouds. To get to this gold court, it takes only 30 minutes to move from Yogyakarta province in Java island, Indonesia.

Although the area was destroyed and injured by the most recent eruption in 2013, the Merapi golf course is still rated as a safe destination because the volcanic activities are always under tight control.

2. Uummannaq: The coldest golf course

The World Ice Golf Championships are held at a golf course in Uummannaq, Greenland. This is a place full of ice, snow, and ice. The wind is cold and there is even the appearance of polar bears. Golfers will tee off on giant ice sheets in the -20 degree Celsius with a pure green area and orange golf balls.

3. Nullarbor Links: The longest golf course

The Nullarbor Links Course in south-east Australia stretches across two time zones and 18 towns, making it impossible for players to return after 4 days of competition. Therefore, this golf course is named as the longest and most time-consuming. It is only suitable for long-time gold players.

4. Government: The highest golf course

At 8,500 feet, Government Golf Course, founded in 1904 in Gulmarg, India, will help you fly farther than usual thanks to the density of thin air.

5. Panmunjom: The most dangerous golf course

Panmunjom Golf Club located in Camp Bonifas military base adjacent to the Korean border is nominated as the most dangerous golf course. Instead of putting a successful ball into the only hole here, players can visit the tall grass area interspersed with underground mines.