Two great golf courses in New Zealand with cool and unique features

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Some golf courses are even more unique than others. These elements may not directly impact your round of golf, but their oddities can really bring a bright smile to your face, even if you don’t have your A game.

Rotorua Golf Club’s thermal pools

The first of our two great New Zealand golf experiences is on the North Island in Rotorua – a famous tourist town which has lots of geothermal activity all around, and the golf club is not an exception. Through the property are mud pools and hot springs with water boiled so hot that it will steam up around the course. Located in the Arikikapakapa thermal area, now dormant spots are incorporated into the course. The thermal activity is the main reason to have caused what is usually flat ground to be full of undulations, which adds intrigue to the site for anyone playing. All sorts of interesting elements come into play such as the mud pools, hot water streams, and geothermal lakes. The experience will be worth the visit even if your score isn’t as hot as the nearby water. You may even learn a bit of geology by the way.

The Hills Golf Club’s sculptures

Our second New Zealand destination brings us to the South Island, more specifically to The Hills Golf Club. This standalone course is one of the most spectacular spots in the field of golf. The views and holes are breathtaking, and the course has hosted some New Zealand Opens. The club founder also has an extensive art collection as well as the course doubles as a sculpture garden. Scattered through the course in spots that won’t alter play are so wonderful pieces of art, perfectly fitting into the surrounding. It doesn’t seem fair that a course so beautiful on its own also showcases incredible masterpieces. However, the club is exclusive and expensive to play as a visitor, so you certainly pay for the course as well as the gallery.