Types of sticks in golf clubs

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  1. Indispensable golf kits are: iron sticks.
    Numbered from 2 to 9, each iron has a different angle. Iron rod No. 2 has a face tilt of 18 degrees vertically. This angle gradually increases to 4 degrees for the next iron. The body of the iron rod is reduced in length when the number of sticks increases. Usually, an iron rod has a central weight in the middle of the stick face. This area is often called “sweet spot”. This is where you can take the shot in the most favorable conditions. If used correctly and with this skill, an iron rod provides very high accuracy.

There are different types of iron with peripheral weights. With this type of iron rod, the weight is distributed around the edge of the clubface – making it easier for beginners to make better choices when they are unable to achieve accuracy in their swing.

2. 2nd golf tool in golf clubs: Wooden sticks
This golf tool is usually numbered from 1-5. Number 1 wooden stick is called driver – or club. Basically, the wooden sticks have a large number, the farther the ball is, the bigger the number of sticks and the larger numbered sticks will increase the spin of the ball, thus minimizing the rolling process when the ball hits the ground.

Choose wood or metal material for your wooden stick

Wood is a traditional material used for this powerful stick. It creates its own accuracy when it comes to golf balls and is still used by many skilled golfers. However, there are now many new wooden sticks made of lighter metal. Although the original size looked like traditional wooden sticks, they were transferred to new dimensions and new shapes. Hollow sticks in the center and weight are evenly distributed around the face of the stick.

3. Shaft: Golf equipment is also very important in golf clubs
There are 3 types of shaft you need to consider: soft, medium and hard. Basically, the more golfers have the technique, the harder their shaft is. Beginners should start with a soft shaft before switching to a harder shaft. The hardness you need will be directly related to your speed. Shaft is usually made of steel or graphite, in which graphite creates stronger and lighter strokes but often costs more.

4. And the last stick is also a stroke
Sticks are often more diverse in design and shape than other sticks. So you can choose a club according to your personal preference. Before buying this golf tool, you can practice putting the ball right at the place of purchase to choose the club you like best. Also putting the ball is probably the most unpredictable shot of all your technical-level strokes.