Why Not Start Playing Golf When You Are In Your 20s?

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Learning to play golf is really hard. Learning to play golf requires economic potential, enough time to practice and passion. For all of us, it is obvious that learning in teens is obvious. But few people think that if you need to find a sport from the age of 20, you can stick. Few people think of golf because they think it is the sport of the elderly.

Your boss plays golf

What happens when you are an employee in the process of learning, while your boss is very passionate about this subject. Suddenly on a day, are you asked by your boss to play a round of golf? You will be more confident if you know how to play, do not need to be good at golf, as long as you understand the rules of the game, etiquette and can keep up with the speed of play. So do not miss this opportunity. Because you know, then you can get to know each other with your boss to discuss the strategic plan for your company and your next promotion plans.

Forging health and fitness

You play a round of golf that can burn about 2000 calories. Many people say it is hard to believe because this is a sport of lazy people, the gentle movement does not bring health benefits. But you think it is 30 degrees, with a bag of nearly 30kg on your shoulders and a 5km walk, practicing 18-hole punching, in practice sessions is a good campaign for physical strength and health.

Lifetime value of this sport

There are not many sports that you can play from age 20 to over 50. Golf is one of the sports that can connect generations regardless of your age.

Learn how to compete

We all grow up and need to compete in many forms and golf offers a new challenge every time you play. Golf is a game that attracts many amateurs and professionals, so in the course of play it will need a healthy competition to learn and learn about the gameplay.