Why Should You Take Measurements Before Buying Golf Clubs?

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Golf clubs are known as each golfer’s combat weapon. Choosing a set of golf clubs that is suitable for the player is not easy. The most common mistake when buying sticks is that the buyer does not make measurements. What consequences does this lead to?

Most new players know that it is important to choose a golf club that is suitable for fitness and health. But 99% of them don’t make height and wrist measurements to get the most accurate set. Take these 2 measurements before buying a golf club.

Height measurement: To find a golf club with a length that fits your condition, first use a ruler, place the ruler from the top of the head to the bottom of the foot and stand as straight as possible to get the correct height.

Measure the length from wrist to floor: Stand upright and let your hands dangle at the sides. Get help from the top of your wrist to the top of the golf club.

A longer golf club will hit farther at the same swing speed, so length can be a good thing for golfers. However, because the swing is longer, it is difficult to control, so the length of the golf club can be a bad point.

So, choosing the length is important. If you are considering buying a set of golf clubs, these two basic measurements will help you determine the most suitable golf club length. In other words, the height and length from the wrist to the floor is the only measure you need before going to the golf showroom.

Normally, when you go to the golf shop, the salesperson will check your swing in a set of golf clubs with standard specifications and use the results in the two measurements above to  determine the set of clubs that suits your playing style and fitness.